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Curriculum VitaeGyparaki cv

Gyparaki Maria

Stage Director


Maria Gyparaki studied literature and theatre at the University of Sorbonne where she presented her thesis ; she completed the ‘Artistic Management’ 3-year-programme at the same University.
She started working in the theatre taking part in productions of the Théâtre Musical de Paris and the Théâtre National de la Colline with Jorge Lavelli.
In 1989 she worked with Michael Cacoyiannis and Nicholas Georgiadis in the productions of Mozart’s opera La Clemenza di Tito at the Aix-en-Provence festival, in Strassburg, in Orleans, in Marseille, and in the Athens Concert Hall where she also directed Cavalli’s Jasone.
In 1991 she was in charge of the theatrical workshop of the International Cultural Centre in Paris where she directed plays by Brecht, Ionesco etc…
In 1994, after 3 years of work and research in modern theatre, she turned to the theatrical, musical and literary production of the 17th and 18th century, while at the same time she was involved in the presentation of modern music works such as the Julres Renard’s Histoires Naturelles – music by Pierre Korelli (1998), Nikos Mamangakis Erofili (Greek festival in 2003), Fraser Trainer’s The house monsters and Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter music by Alexandros Mouzas etc.
In Greece, after Kavelli’s Jason, she directed a series of operas ranging from the end of Renaissance up to Mozart, such as Perry’s Euridice, Vivaldi’s Orlando Furioso and Olimpiade, Haendel’s Oreste, Monteverdi’s Incorononazione di Popea…
The material of two great thematic concerts (Olympiads in Prague, Athens and Thessaloniki; Ifigenia in the 2005 Greek Festival of Epidaurus) emanated from her music research.
She has been working for magazines and papers on theatrical, musical and literary issues. At the same time she continues to work on the issue of ‘Music and Literature’, which resulted in a music spectacle which she directed, based on the myth of Ariadne and which was presented in the National Library of France in December 2003.
The impact of the myth of Ariadne and Theseus on western music was the theme of the performance which she directed in Patras, in the context of the events for the Cultural Capital 2006, with works of Monteverdi, Strozi, Haydn, Lowes, Dowland and Benedetto Marcello.

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