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Theodorakis Ermis



Ermis Theodorakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1979. He began his piano studies in 1990 with Nilyan Perez-Ioannidis and in January 1996 he obtained his Piano Diploma at the Athens Music Society Conservatory along with a unanimous award of a First Prize and of a special “Iannis Xenakis” prize, for his interpretation of the work “Mists”. He also studied composition with Yannis Ioannidis (Composition Diploma in 2002) and Musicology at the University of Athens (Degree in 2004). From September 2002 he followed post-graduate piano studies with Håkon Austbö (master program) at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, from where he graduated in May 2004 with Distinction. He studied further composition with Wim Henderickx at the same conservatory (Diploma in 2006) and afterwards at the Musical Academy of Leipzig with Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf (Post-Graduate Diploma in May 2009 with Distinction).
Ermis Theodorakis has performed as a soloist in various Greek and German cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg, Lübeck, Heilbronn) and in several other countries (Holland, Cyprus, Austria, France, Luxemburg, UK, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Albania, Ghana, Chile, USA). He has also collaborated as a soloist with orchestras and ensembles, such as the Athens State Orchestra, the Orchestra of Colours, the “Kamerata” Orchestra, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, the AGON Orchestra (Prague), the Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble, the „United Instruments of Lucilin“ (Luxemburg), the MDR Woodwind Quintet (Leipzig), the Ensemble LINEA (Strasbourg).
He attaches emphasis on the interpretation of contemporary music (giving the first performances of many works by contemporary composers), but he also interprets some important pieces of the classical repertoire, such as Beethoven’s Sonata Op.106, Diabelli-Variations and Brahms’ 3rd Sonata.
He has recorded 8 solo CDs of contemporary piano music (most of the New Viennese School piano music, piano works by Yannis Ioannidis – Vol. 1&2, the complete piano solo works by Iannis Xenakis, piano pieces by various Greek composers – Vol.1&2, the complete works for solo piano and piano duo by Y. Sicilianos, together with the pianist Daniël Kramer, the complete piano works by C.- S. Mahnkopf). He has also recorded Xenakis’ piano concerto “Synaphaï” with the Orchestra of Colours.
As a composer, he has written chamber music and solo pieces. His works have been performed in Germany, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Belgium and Chile.
Ermis Theodorakis has been awarded a prize by the Greek Union of Music and Drama Critics, for his recording of the complete piano solo works by Iannis Xenakis, and a UNESCO prize for his services to Greek Contemporary music.
In January 2006 he obtained two prizes (SACEM prize and Special Mention A. Boucourechliev) at the 7th International 20th Century Piano Competition in Orleans (France). In November 2008 he was visiting professor at the Composition Department of the University of Chile in Santiago.
Iannis Xenakis, in a recommendation letter for Ermis Theodorakis, has stated that he considers him an ideal interpreter of his music.



T. ADAM: Megan & Morag (piano and tape)

M. ADAMIS: Epitymbion, 9 Yirismata, Inside sight

Y. ADAMIS: Monopolyphonous

A. AGRAFIOTIS: Kammerkonzert

M. ANDRE: Un-fini III

Th. ANTONIOU: Syllabes, Prelude and Toccata

C. ARDITTO: Musica para piano

J.S. BACH: Partita no2, Toccata no3

B. BARTÒK: 14 Bagatelles, Mikrokosmos (6th Book), Suite “Im Freien”

L.v. BEETHOVEN: Sonatas Op.2 no3, Op.13, Op.27 no2, Op 57,Op.106,
Op.111, Variations Op.120, Lieder Op.83 no1, Op.83 no3

A. BERG: Sonata Op.1

L. BERIO: Sequenza IV, Linea (2 pianos, vibraphone, marimba)

G. BIZET: Jeux d’enfants (piano 4 hands)

M. BORBOUDAKIS: Concerto for piano, string orchestra, harp and percussion, Roai III (piano and tape)


J. BRAHMS: Sonata Op.5, Variations Op.24, Klavierstücke Op.116, Intermezzi Op.117, Lieder Op.3 no1, Op.33 no3, Op.43 no1, Op.95 no2, Op.96 no1, Op.96 no2, Op.106 no5

J. CAGE: Piano Pieces 1935-48

E. CARTER: Night Fantasies

F. CHOPIN: 4 Ballades, Nocturnes (Op.9 no1,2, Op.32 no1,2,
op. post.)

F. COX: Doubles (piano and tape)


C. DEBUSSY: Suite Bergamasque, Children’s Corner, Preludes (2nd
Book), Etudes no1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11

D. DRAGATAKIS: Antikes, Studies no1&2, Piano Concerto

B. FERNEYHOUGH: Lemma-Icon-Epigram

G. FAURE: Dolly suite (piano 4 hands)

S. GAZOULEAS: 4 Piano Pieces

J. HARVEY: Nataraja (flute and piano)

P. HINDEMITH: Sonata no1, Quartet for piano, clarinet, violin, cello

R. HOYER: ...dahinter/ ...behind

Y. IOANNIDIS: 3 Studies, Skolion, Kelados, Triptych, Toccata,
3 Intermezzi, 10 Epigrams, 42 Short Pieces,
Emmeleia – Kordax – Sikinnis

C. IVES: Sonata no2

P. JODLOWSKI: Serie Noire (Thriller) (piano and tape)

M. KAGEL: Phantasiestück (flute and piano)

L. KANARIS: Partita

T. KEURIS: Sonata

P.R. KO: Serial then parallel

P. KOKORAS: Breakwater (piano and tape), Bold Ridge Apex

E. KOUSSA: Klavierstück

T. de LEEUW: Men go their ways

G. LIGETI: Études (no 8, 10 ,13)

C. LIPPE: Music for piano and computer

A. LÜCKER: Grunge

C.S. MAHNKOPF: Rhizom, 5 Kleine Lakunaritäten, Kammerstück, Kammerminiatur, Le rêve d’ ange nouveau, Beethoven-Kommentar, Prospero-Fragmente

R. de MAN: Gramvousa (flute, bass clarinet and piano)

F. MENDELSSOHN: Lieder Op.36 no4, Op.84 no1

O. MESSIAEN: Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus (no 5, 6, 14, 15, 18),
Catalogue d’Oiseaux (3rd and 5th Book), Oiseaux Exotiques (piano and orchestra), Visions de l’ Amen (two pianos)

W.A. MOZART: Sonata KV 381 (piano 4 hands)

M.P. MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition

A. NASOPOULOU: 10 + Tessera (vibraphone and piano)

M. OHANA: Preludes 18-24



S. PROKOFIEV: Visions Fugitives, Concerto no3

M. RAVEL: Concerto no2

W. RIHM: Klavierstück no1

P. RUZICKA: “ausgeweidet die zeit…”, Vier Gesänge nach Fragmenten von Nietzsche (voice and piano)

J. SARI: 4 Inventions

E. SATIE: Gnossiennes no 1-3

A. SCHOENBERG: Piano Pieces Op.11, Op.19, Op.23, Op33a, Op.33b,
Suite Op.25, Piano Concerto

F. SCHUBERT: Fantasy Op.103 (piano 4 hands), Lieder Op.20 no2, Op.22 no1, Op.96 no4

R. SCHUMANN: Dichterliebe Op. 48 (voice and piano), Lieder Op.25 no1, Op.98a no3

B. SCHWEITZER: Schärfe. Schatten (piano and woodwind quintet)

Z. SEGLIAS: noli turbare circulos meos (flute, clarinet and piano)

G. SICILIANOS: 8 Children’s Miniatures, Compositional Studies,
Piano Concerto, Tanagraea (two pianos), Antithesis (two pianos), Sonata for violin and piano, Pantoum (violin, cello and piano)

N. SKALKOTTAS: Suite no1, 2, 4 Studies, 32 Pieces (no 2, 3, 15, 16, 17,
20, 32)

K. STOCKHAUSEN: Klavierstücke I-IV, IX

I. STRAVINSKY: Concerto for piano and wind instruments

Y. TAKAYAMA: Some steps (two pianos)

H. TAKENO: Primitive pulse (piano and percussion – 2 players)

D. TERZAKIS: Erinyen – Ein Satyrspiel, Pan (Legenden des Waldes) (two pianos)

E.THEODORAKIS: Scherzo, Variations

S. THIELE: Abendphantasie

Th. TRIKOUPIS: Amphiliki, Via Crucis
M. TSANGARIS: Obsessions (A&B), Extremities (A&B)


A. TZANOU: Changes

A. USHIJIMA: Holiday of Dr. Signe (piano 4 hands)

M. VLITAKIS: Blue Notes (Etude no 2 for piano)

H. VRONDOS: Study for piano

R. WAGNER: Wesendonk-Lieder

C.M. von WEBER: Lied Op. 71 no3

A. WEBERN: Kinderstück, Piano piece op. post., Variations Op.27,
5 Lieder op. 4

K. WETZEL: Kurtág-Variationen

I. XENAKIS: Herma, Evryali, Mists, à r., Eonta (piano and 5 brass),
Synaphaï (piano and orchestra), Keqrops (piano and
orchestra), Dikhthas (piano and violin), Paille in the
wind (piano and cello), Komboï (harpsichord and percussion)

Y. ZERVOS: Sonata for viola and piano

Th. ZLIKAS: Sonata